EnSerMo, located in Moatize in Mozambique’s western Tete Province, has strong capabilities in fabrication, metalworks and construction. EnSerMo additionally offers ancillary services not directly related to fabrication works, including engineering maintenance and modification on gearboxes, the rewind of small, medium and large AC electrical motors, couplings (both rigid and flexible hydraulics), as well as conveyor pulleys (drums).

Key success factors that differentiate our service offering to our clients include:

We have a proven track record in Mozambique, involved in numerous supply and manufacturing projects of light, medium and heavy steel projects for extra-large, large, medium and small companies in Mozambique, as well as regionally. Please have a look at our references page for more information on the projects we have been involved in.

We are well-established in Mozambique, giving us a significant insight into local standards, human resources management and the general way of working

Our safety records throughout our history have been impeccable

Our main workshop is located in Tete, however, we have demonstrated our ability to operate throughout Mozambique, from Nacala to Moma to Tete

Our main workshop has the capability to handle light, medium and heavy steel fabrication, in addition to various other industry-related services

We are mobilised and available to start manufacturing immediately

Our workshop was established in 2013 and has undergone numerous upgrades over the past five years

The workshop is well-maintain and laid out, consisting of dedicated areas for sandblasting, spray painting, steelworks and various other ancillary services

We have dedicated, qualified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) personnel and equipment to ensure all fabricated steel is manufactured at the highest standards

The workshop comes with highly respected management support, which is solely dedicated to the operation

Our company is also registered in Mozambique

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Mobile field service


On-site fabrication


Civil construction

Drafting and design

On-site pump refurbishment

Motor rewinding

Workshop machining

Workshop pump refurbishment

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping modifications

Workshop repairs



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Phone: +258 844 916 421

Physical Address

Estrada Naçional No 7
Bairro Chitatha (III)
Moatize, Tete

Management contact details:

Piet Otto: +258 84 839 1632
Engineering Manager
Ras Venter: +258 84 332 0974
Lee Mangochi: +258 84 332 0978
Flavia Pinto: +258 84 562 7085
Operations Manager
Jaco Badenhorst: +258 84 491 6421