Mechanical Equipment Services

EnSerMo offers a range of mechanical equipment services which are completed in our Moatize facility. We have a dedicated mechanical workshop with highly skilled mechanics who are able to complete the following services quickly and efficiently, ensuring there are no delays to our client’s projects.

We also offer custom solutions to deliver on our client’s needs.


The machinability of materials is highly dependent on a number of different factors. The mechanics at EnSerMo’s machine shop have an extensive knowledge and experience of the various materials which we are able to machine and what the best processes are per material. We are able to machine the following materials onsite:

All carbon steels


Brass and copper

All grades of Teflon

Vesco Max and Vesconite

Boring, machining and shaping

The variety of our clients ensures that we are capable of machining an array of specialised as well as general items in our workshop. The following items are able to be machined onsite:

Bushings, bosses and shafts

Drive screws, pinions and racks

Internal and external keyways and splines

Slides and brackets

Cams and offset machining

General machine works

Rebuilding driven components

EnSerMo’s mechanical equipment services also include:

Bearing replacement

Complete gearbox replacements

Resleeving of shafts

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