Electrical Capabilities

EnSerMo has a dedicated rewind area, with highly skilled employees. This area includes a testing bat for pre- and post-assessment of motors. We evaluate all incoming and outgoing motors, using state of the art equipment. Our equipment storage for motor spares and completed motors are neat and well organised, ensuring parts and motors do not get damaged or lost and also allow EnSerMo staff to be efficient and complete projects timeously. We hold a significant amount of stock of motor spare parts and consumable stock, including copper wiring for all motors inside our offering, from 0.18kW to 600kW. Our facility also contains equipment for bearing heating, motor impregnation, armature curing, sandblasting and spray painting.

Our scope of electrical services includes:
Low and medium voltage electric motors

Failure examination

Component replacement

Maintenance and mechanical overhauls


Rewinding of stators

Additionally, we provided the following ancillary services:

Collection of damaged motors

The loading of motors onto our vehicle using a 10 tonne high-up crane

Quotations and reports on damaged motors

Repair and remediation of damaged motors

Replacements of all spares and parts with OEM parts

All repairs and rewinds are done in accordance to WEG IE1 and IE2 standards

Advice and recommendations on all repairs and installations

Reporting and documentation of all alterations and rectifications

Coating and spray painting motors for cosmetic and anti-corrosion purposes

Pallet and packing of the repaired motor and also providing a water-resistant hard copy of the data report

All of our reports are kept electronically and on hard copy for 3 years

Delivery of the rebuilt/repaired motor from our workshop to our client’s premises

Further capabilities of our electrical services include:
Mechanical assessments

Once the motor is received in the workshop, our highly competent assessment staff will strip the motor and assess the damage to determine what repairs need to be made. All of the mechanical elements of the motor are tested using calibrated outside and inside micrometers

Electrical rewinding

Using world class standards in accordance with WEG/ZEST rewinding specifications, we are able to rewind motors with damaged and/or burnt windings. Rewinding generally involves cutting the original windings out of the motor’s armature and replacing them with new coils made from wiring of the same basic type and gauge

Washing, dipping and baking

Once the motor has been rewired/repaired, the unit is thoroughly cleaned and then receives a varnish insulation in order to increase the mechanical and electrical strength of the windings. The dipped armature is then baked in order to cure the varnish, which hardens and strengthens the coating

Mechanical overhauls

If our assessment point to a mechanical failure, and not to the windings, only the components of the motor which are damaged will be replaced or repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. We have a large selection of spare parts available onsite which allows quick turnaround times for our motor overhauls

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